German Specialties

Item # Quantity Description Size Price
191 Schweinebauch (stuffed bacon) 1 lb. piece $7.95
251 Bavarian Ham Sausage 1/2 lb. piece $4.25
290 Bierkugel (beer sausage) 1 lb. piece $7.95
350 Crackling Fat 1/2 lb. container $2.70
520 Farmers Sausage, very rich, coarse liver sausage 1 lb. (2 pcs.) $6.95
631 Sulze (cured meat in vinegar flavored gelatin) 1/2 lb. piece $3.30
640 Sulz Kotelett (smoked, cooked pork chop in vinegar flavored gelatin) 1/2 lb. piece $3.65

Storage information

No. 191 Schweinebauch, No.251 Bavarian Ham Sausage, and No.520 Farmers Sausage will keep up to one week and all the other items on this page will keep 3 weeks after arrival if refrigerated in original vacuum tight packages. Should packaging become loose - indicating an air leak - remove sausage immediately and wrap in paper towel. All of these items, except No. 290 Bierkugel, can be frozen up to 2 months. Defrost slowly in refrigerator.

How to serve:

All of these items are MSG - free!

No.520 Farmers Sausage: Fry slices in pan with potatoes for a satisfying German-style meal or serve cold, sliced on top of bread.

No.290 Bierkugel: This Bavarian style sausage is especially convenient to take on trips. It can be served fresh, sliced for sandwiches, or with cheese and crackers. Can also be air dried like salami. As the name implies, it goes best with beer!

No.350 Crackling Fat gives fried potatoes a much heartier flavor than butter. Spread it on rye bread and sprinkle with salt for quick snack.

No.631 Sulze and No.640 Sulz Kotelett are to be served cold only and eaten as is. Both go well with a serving of fried potatoes - especially after an evening of beer drinking!

No. 191 Schweinebauch and No. 251 Bavarian Ham Sausage taste best when served cold as a snack or sliced for sandwiches.